What to do about those dark circles

​Insecurities are a very real detail of life, and they can come in a number of forms. But when your number-one insecurity happens to be right on your face, it can escalate into something that can severely damage your confidence throughout your day.

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What to Do About Those Dark Circles

Insecurities are a very real detail of life, and they can come in a number of forms. But when your number-one insecurity happens to be right on your face, it can escalate into something that can severely damage your confidence throughout your day. This is especially true when that insecurity is near the one part of your face that anyone making eye contact with you could notice, and that’s exactly the case for people who have dark, puffy circles around their eyes.

It’s completely understandable that these color variations would cause insecurities since you can be a healthy individual who’s forced look sickly or zombie-esque by those blaring inconsistencies on your face. It’s enough to send a person into a wild search for answers on how to correct the problem.

If you’re that person, you’re in luck! You’re about to be handed a handful of tips for dealing with those pesky dark circles!

Identify the Problem. You might be thinking, “Well, it’s dark circles!” This could be, in fact, the reason you’re on this mad quest for answers, but those circles and puffiness can just be symptoms of a deeper problem. Think of it like scratching at a rash. It might cure the momentary itch, but the rash is still there to keep pestering you. As it happens, there are plenty of reasons for dark circles to show up under your eyes, and they can be as out-of-your-hands as genetics or as easy-to-fix as spending too much time in the sun (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2017). By labeling the core problem, you can either work on accepting that it’s something you’ll just have to deal with, or you can start treating that core problem.

Sleep Right. If you aren’t getting enough rest, you’re upping your chances of under-eye darkness and fatigue. Beyond that though, there are certain tips that you can employ while you sleep to make sure you’re giving yourself your best shot at this sleep prevention method. For one thing, choose your sleeping position wisely since getting Z’s on your back can prevent fluids from hanging too much in the area—which can help to keep those eye problems at bay (Jacques, 2017). Upping your pillow count can also help you sleep in the right way to lower your chances of dark circles since it keeps the blood from centralizing too much in that one area (Edgar, n.d.).

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Cut Back on the Salt. If you’re a potato chip fan, this one might prove a little more difficult than getting the right rest, but for this reason and others, limiting your salt intake can be a great contribution to your health. The reason, at least in part, is that high amounts of salt lead to high amounts of retained fluid. If that fluid shows up under your eyes, it can lead to those bags under your eyes (Jacques, 2017). Less salt, basically, can equal healthier looking eyes, which can in turn give you a confidence boost. Another detail that can lead to fluid retention is dehydration, so be sure that you’re getting plenty of water throughout your day. It’s a simple concern that can have a big impact on our health, so keep that water handy!

Boost the Vitamin C. If you grew up on Flintstones vitamins, you probably learned early on that vitamins are good for you. When trying to fight those dark circles, there’s one specific vitamin that can help in the battle, and that’s Vitamin C. The reason for its usefulness on this matter is that it’s helpful in making collagen, and collagen helps your skin health (Jacques, 2017). Essentially, if you’re having skin problems, this could be the vitamin to look toward for assistance, and it’s a great addition to the diet of someone struggling for a healthier look around their eyes. Likewise, a too-low level of iron can be the culprit for your eye troubles, so you might need a boost in this category to clear up the issue (Jacques, 2017). This is an example of when knowing the source of the problem comes in handy since even your vitamins and minerals can be gray areas in fighting this dark-circle battle. If your dark circles are because of a deficiency, know which deficiency it is, and tackle it with that knowledge as your guide.


Treat Your Allergies. Once more, we arrive at a place where knowing the reason behind your eye frustrations can come in handy since the answer could be something as simple as allergies (Edgar, n.d.). If this is the case, relief from those dark circles can be as simple as taking the right medication to treat your allergies. This presents a win/win scenario for tending to your health issues. You might feel better because your allergies aren’t acting up as much, and you could have more confidence as you notice the dark circles and puffiness vanishing away with the passage of time.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen. In general, if you’re going to spend a large amount of time in the sun, you should make sure you’re doing so with an effective sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s rays. This is common knowledge these days, but what you might not realize is that neglecting to do so can actually contribute to your eye problems. Since the skin’s color can change in the sunlight, this is a logical connection to dark-circle problems (Jacques, 2017). So if you notice your skin around your eyes gets darker after a day outdoors, be sure to use sunscreen in an effort to avoid the issue.

Chill Up Your Eyes. If you remember your high school science classes, you might recall that heat makes molecules more active and can actually make things expand. Basically, even though you might not notice a difference, things that are heated can technically be larger than when they’re cold (“Getting Larger = Getting Bigger,” n.d.). This idea is why chilling your eyes can be an effective tool against those dark circles around your eyes—because the cold temperature can reduce swelling in the area. This can be done through a number of strategies, like cucumbers placed on the eyes or a chilled eye mask, but the logic holds strong. Unfortunately, however, this is a fleeting fix as the chill will fade and your eyes will return to normal, but it’s an option to note if you’re in a rush (Hon, n.d.).

Raid Your Kitchen. There are a number of at-home remedies that can be tried to tend to this eye issue, and you can find several ingredients for these remedies in a well-stocked kitchen. Tea bags, tomatoes, milk, mint, rose water, and potatoes are all candidates for providing you relief from your dark-circle battle (Iyer, 2017). The strategies for employing these methods can vary, but a few minutes spent researching how to use each against your eye struggles can give you the how-to of each.

Yoga. As you might have noticed, blood flow can be a big deal in regard to dark circles around the eyes, and so can stress. Both of these are topics that can be tended to through yoga (Iyer, 2017) since it’s a calming exercise that has been linked to improved blood circulation (Stelter, 2017). For these reasons, it’s a great exercise strategy for combatting your dark eye circles. Given the additional health benefits of yoga, this one could be well worth exploring.

Kick the Habit. There are plenty of reasons for a smoker to stop smoking, so many that you wouldn’t necessarily need this one to give you incentive to kick the habit. Do note though that smoking is linked to skin damage, which means that quitting can assist in getting rid of that tired, darkened, and puffy skin around your eyes. This is just the sprinkle on top of the quit-smoking cupcake though since the health risks connected to smoking can be much more critical than this insecurity. Basically, if you smoke, stop!


These ten tips can help you tackle the problem of dark eye-circles, boosting your confidence and allowing you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Better still, some of these tips can have positive impacts that go much deeper than just the appearance of that small area, so by tending to the problem areas listed above, you could afford yourself some serious health advantages. What’s there to lose?!


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