Top Ten YouTube Beauty Bloggers

There is certainly no shortage of beauty Bloggers on YouTube, but how do you know which ones are worth following and which ones don’t have any good advice to give. Obviously, you could watch their channel and find out if there advice is solid.

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Top Ten YouTube Beauty Bloggers

There is certainly no shortage of beauty bloggers on YouTube, but how do you know which ones are worth following and which ones don’t have any good advice to give. Obviously, you could watch their channel and find out if there advice is solid but the problem is, it might take a few videos to realize that you don’t want to take advice from that particular blogger. That’s why we have compiled this list of the top 10 YouTube beauty bloggers, so that you can find the best advice without having to search and scour YouTube.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is probably the most famous beauty video blogger on YouTube. She has been posting videos since 2007 and has millions of followers. What is unique about Michelle is that she uses everything that she can think of to create the look that she is trying to showcase and that includes particular themes and costumes. She also has her own beauty line that you might want to check out but as far as beauty tips and advice goes,this is as good as it gets. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the rest of the video bloggers on this page because each one has something unique to contribute.


The two sisters behind Pixiwoo have carved out their own niche within the beauty video blogging industry by helping users create looks that they have seen on their famous celebrities. They take it from the red carpet and show you exactly how to create that look on your own face and while you might not have a movie premiere to go to, you can certainly get the same look as your favorite movie star. They also have a series of basic videos which can help those just beginning to learn how to apply their makeup better.

Lisa Eldridge

What is interesting about Lisa Eldridge is that she is an actual makeup artist. She lives in London, England, and has worked with celebrities like Emma Watson, Kate Winslet and even Katy Perry. She is also creative director from major cosmetics company in Britain and she has extremely easy-to-follow tutorials that are filmed beautifully.

Kandee Johnson

Johnson is one of the most fun beauty bloggers on YouTube to watch. She has a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor and she can be found with her four children, giving her an even more interesting basis on which to film a video. She is simply a great vlogger in general, and a terrific beauty vlogger for sure.


Zoe Suggs has been a name well-known in the YouTube circles for several years. She has millions and millions of followers,partially because she is nice and sweet – and of course, beautiful – but also because she has a great personality and wonderful advice on makeup and other topics. She is definitely one of the most popular YouTubers out there, not even restricting it to the Beauty category.

Wayne Goss

Another actual makeup artist doing video son YouTube is Wayne Goss. If you are trying to cover up acne, then Wayne Gossis the perfect person to follow. Goss had problems with acne when he was younger and his videos will help you know how to treat your acne and how to decipher the myriad of acne products that are on the market right now. He also has a number of other tutorial videos on other products for your skin.

Cute Polish

Cute Polish if you want to learn thousands of different techniques for painting your nails, then this is definitely the channel that you want to subscribe to. Whether you’re a beginner or you have your own unique nail designs that you are able to do, you can definitely learn something from Cute Polish. Plus the videos are quality, the tutorials are extremely easy-to-follow and this girl’s voice is sweet and very nice to listen to.

Bubz Beauty

The interesting thing about Bubz Beauty is that it isn’t just a makeup tutorial channel; it is actually a channel with a little bit of everything somewhat related to makeup. For example, she has a couple tutorials that show you how to wear your glasses better because people that wear glasses sometimes don’t know how to make them as flattering as possible. In addition, she has a funny video where she gives her husband a makeover as a female. As an added bonus, she has an incredible Irish accent that is wonderfully soothing.

Euphoric Creation

Euphoric Creation, or Emma Pickles is a really great makeup channel if you also want to learn how to do cost a. Some of the costumes that she creates are just incredible and whether you are looking to cause play throughout the year or you want to dress up for Halloween, coming up with the right costume can be challenging and Emma can certainly help you choose the perfect costume and then do all of the makeup and accessories that you need to make it look absolutely stunning.


The music is great on this channel but that’s not the only thing that you should subscribe for. If you like in-depth product reviews, that you know you can actually trust, then you should definitely check out Amarixe. There is a lot of solid information presented here in an entertaining way and you will definitely appreciate all of the advice you get when you watch.